Shiraz v Syrah

March 24th, 2009 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:

Recommended food pairings from The Som:

  • Here is a recipe for prime rib that will take years to master but the mastering will be unbelievably tasty and fun.  What sort of wine would work with a flavor monster like this?  Lets break it down.  The balance of heat with sweet are all in place.  Smokiness from the long grilling process and the chili’s speak to a possible wine match.  You should have little to no issue enjoying the Brassfield Estates Syrah with this dish.  Big dark fruit flavors, above average acidity and the long smokey finish should play right into the prime rib’s hands.   One thing to keep in mind with higher alcohol wines (the Brassfield Syrah checks in at 14.8%) is that they may enhance the perception of spice in your mouth, and often that is not desired.  In the case of this dish I think we need to make a distinction between heat/smoke and flat out spice.  Pizza is spicy, but grilled prime rib steaks with bourbon BBQ baste has heat.
  • I have made this short rib recipe a few times and every time I’m stunned with how amazing it is.  Labor intensive on the front end but comes together very quickly.  Shaving bitter-sweet chocolate on top of everything thing on the table never fails to induce gasps and it absolutely lives up to the promise.  This is an impossibly rich and savory meal and needs a wine that can match it.  Anything less than the power of an Australian Shiraz will be lost in the ether.  And of course the chocolate notes in the Roogle Shiraz don’t hurt.

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