Irish Pours

March 17th, 2009 by Jeff

Show Notes from Jeff B:

We’ve had a couple of busy weeks and haven’t had time to pull together another wine show.  However, when we discussed this week’s show,  I was more than happy to use the excuse of St. Patrick’s Day to depart from our namesake path and do a show on my second favorite subject:  Guinness.  Jeff  & I switched roles and celebrated like the Irish, though there isn’t much Irish blood in either of us.   We had our wine geek trying (for the first time) a black & tan, a tall, dark Guinness, and we wrapped with a couple Irish car bombs (the drink, not the explosive).  Not sure if I converted him, but I enjoyed myself.

And yes, I know that a black and tan can be done with Bass, Harp, etc.   I chose Smithwicks…and I screwed up the pour.   Waddaya gonna do…we don’t really rehearse.  It’s all live, baby!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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