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May 21st, 2009 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:

Recommended food pairings from The Som:

Two different Syrah’s at two completely opposite price points.  Would we enjoy the same types of foods with either of them?  Probably not.  The 1707 Syrah is a nice, medium bodied red with bright fruit, smooth tannin structure and a titch of spice.  Quite delightful with some grilled burgers on the patio with friends and family.

The Spenser Roloson Syrah from the Northern Napa Valley is something else entirely;  Full bodied, concentrated with waves of fruit, spices and coffee notes.  A wine that is seamlessly put together and destined for a long glorious life.  That was the 2004 we enjoyed and it still had plenty of stuffing left.  As we often discuss when pairing food and wine we must start with the weight of the dish.  Full bodied wine = full bodied dinner.  Don’t waste this wines time with burgers or a pork chop because it will the crush the life out of it.  Give it something hardy and distinct, but at the same time letting the wine be the star of the show.  I’m a big believer in letting either the food OR the wine be the star.  If you have created a gastronomic masterpiece, I’m all in favor of letting the wine play a supporting role.  Choose something interesting while making sure that the food and wine rules apply, but not so showy that it pulls your attention away from the incredible meal.

Here we have the opposite.  We have started with a terrific wine and now need to create some food that will help show this wine off.  Braised short ribs with some herbed mashed potatoes should work amazingly well.  Big, hardy flavors but by no means fancy or hard to make.  Back in the day this would be considered a one pot peasant meal that gets brought down to the field workers for dinner, but now-a-days costs $25.00 at a restaurant.

One reminder:  this recipe calls for “3 cups hearty red wine.”  Remember don’t spend lots of money for wines that are used for braising, but you still want to use a quality drinking wine.  Some examples would be, but are not limited to:  Yellow Tail Shiraz, Jacobs Creek Merlot, 1707 Syrah, or Protocolo red from Spain.   Get the picture?

Thanks for listening, and get on those short ribs before it gets too warm out.  It is true comfort food.

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