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June 9th, 2009 by Jeff

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Wines featured in today’s show:

Recommended food pairings from The Som:

Jeez.  I was searching for recipes to pair with the Leeuwin Riesling knowing I wanted something light, limey and probably centered around seafood…and found this chunk of perfection.  Chili-Lime Scallops?  Are you kidding me?  You’re getting a lighter bodied dish with a kiss of spicy smoke from the coriander and cumin, and a nice kick of lime.  The wine is dry with bright lime flavors, and more than enough zing to bite through the spicy smoke.

I have found Rosés to be among the easiest wines to pair food with.  Fish, chicken, BBQ, steak…if it’s off the grill in the summer, you cannot loose with a Rosé.  Here’s a recipe for grilled squid (I know, but don’t be a sissy).  It should knock your socks off.

With the Carchelo, we enter slightly rougher waters.  This wine is a big, fruit-forward, youthful blend.  Honestly, I would be tempted to enjoy it on it’s own on a cool fall evening, but a couple quick and easy pairings would be steak or short ribs.    MAN I dig those short ribs!


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