Cantine Colosi Nero d’Avola 2008

June 15th, 2009 by Jeff




Beefy and rich smelling.  There is a little heat on the nose as well.  Cherry, Blackberry, onion skin and bacon fat.


Dry and full bodied with above average acidity.  Big flavors of black cherry and blackberry.  Nice minerality edging through in the mid-palate.  Long, dry cocoa powder finish.

I have yet to figure out exactly what to expect from good Nero d’Avola.  They seem to be all over the place stylistically.  However, I’m very happy with this version.  Sicily has only one “Go to” grape, and this is it.  I’m making this stat up but I will bet I’m not far off:  98% of Nero d’Avolas are from Sicily.

The Som Rating: 7/10 Scarlett Johansson Heads

The Som Rating: 7/10 Scarlett Johansson Heads


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