REVIEW: d’Arenberg “The Dead Arm” Shiraz 2005

July 6th, 2009 by Jeff


McLaren Vale, Australia




Very fresh nose of violets, blackberry, cassis, plum, eucalyptus and bacon.


Very full bodied, dry.  Monster rich wine, like chocolate pudding.  The power of the liquid seems to be overshadowing any specific fruit notes within.  Sweet but fine grained tannin.  The fruit seems to be in the plum, blackberry and pomegranate neighborhood.  Long chocolate finish with those persistent, chalky tannins hanging on for dear life.

This is an undeniably well made wine but I don’t know what to say about it.  There are few wines that I have enjoyed less.  I fully admit that perhaps this has no business being opened and drunk right now.  As a friend of mine would say, “It’s like killing a baby. , meaning I have robbed this wine of it’s future potential.  I’m quite sure 2015 may bring more grace to this clumsy brute, but perhaps not.  The balance seems way out of whack, and if it’s not in balance now it sure won’t be later.  All that being said, I’m reviewing it now and give it 6 out of 10.

The Som Rating: 6/10 Scarlett Johansson Heads

The Som Rating: 6/10 Scarlett Johansson Heads

The Dead Arm

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  1. dan Says:

    strong wine……one glass, and yours head like the space gyroscope.

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