Men on the Box

August 27th, 2009 by Jeff

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Wines (boxes) featured in today’s show:

Thinking (or rather drinking) out of the box:

Box wines get very little respect in the wine world and honestly I was not a big fan until I started working at Zipp’s.  They definitely have their place and many of them contain good wine.  Will you write poems about them?  Probably not.   But if you need to take something camping, to keep at the lake, for an event that calls for more than a bottle or two, or just something to keep in your desk at work for when you’re in desperate need of something ease the mental pain…they work great.  Ask your wine shop guy which one they recommend for each occasion.  They will have an opinion.

If you find the whole box too bulky, take the bladder out of the box and put it on ice in your cooler or shove it in your backpack.  They are surprisingly tough.

Jeff and I would love to hear about or see the creative ways you use your box.  Perhaps we will use them on the show!

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