Time and a Bottle

October 27th, 2009 by Jeff

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Episode Synopsis:

We ventured away from our normal format for this show because I (JB) thought it was an interesting topic and that the average Joe or Jane might benefit from the knowledge.

Actually, it’s because Jeff (K) somehow failed to track down some Halloween wines.   You know how hard they are to find around the end of October and all.

How long to I hold on to any bottle of wine?   Are some wines meant to be held?   Are some not?   The answer, according to The Som, is unknowable…in a general sense.   The answer can be different for any given bottle of wine.   Watch and learn about the components that impact preservation of a bottle and how to find out how long to keep it.

We unfortunately didn’t drink on this episode because I was just getting over the flu.

…and again, because Kycek couldn’t find any damn wine.

If you’re like Kycek and can’t find any and are truly looking for themed wines for Halloween, you can make your own by taking any bottle and adding your own label over it.   Grab some sticker sheet stock from the local Office Depot and go to Signature Wines on the web and make your own themed labels.

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