Crofut Winery

October 11th, 2009 by Jeff

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Wines featured in today’s show:

  • 2006 Frontenac
  • 2008 Frontenac Rosé
  • 2008 Frontenac Gris
  • 2008 La Crescent
  • 2007 Prairie Blanc

Crofut Family Winery – Synopsis from The Som :

Crofut was not my first encounter with Minnesota wines.  Because of that, I was a little nervous tasting these offerings LIVE in front of owner/winemaker Don Crofut.    Why?  In the past, I have been far from impressed with Minnesota wines.  I can honestly say these far surpassed my expectations.  How?   They are balanced as almost any wine from anywhere in the world.

I can hear the gasps already.

The secret to good winemaking is keeping everything in balance; no particular element should stand out on it’s own like a sore thumb.  The Crofut wines demonstrate pure fruit, bright acidity, above average structure, and alcohol that is present but kept well in check.  These are qualities that the best winemakers from the greatest wine estates in the world can appreciate.

You should definitely check out the Crofut wines, or visit the vineyard if you get the chance…especially if you live in the Minnesota.  For those of you here in the Twin Cities, some of the best wines you will taste this year are grown practially just down the street!

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  1. Erik Wait Says:

    Thanks for this video!

    I’ve become increasingly interested in USA wine regions that offer unique varietal alternatives. The problem is because California, Oregon and Washington tend to dominate the market (at least here on the left coast) I’m never going to find in ANY local store ANY wine from Minnesota, the Finger lakes, Rhode Island, NY etc. or varietals other than the more popular French, Italian or German varetals.

    Erik Wait
    California Wine Tasting Adventures

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