Ice Wines

January 12th, 2010 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:

  • Bretz Eiswein Riesling 2003  (~$30)
  • Bretz Eiswein Spatburgunder Rose 2002  (~$33)

 Recommended food pairings from the Som:

These things are built for luscious, full bodied, slightly sweet desserts with a touch of that “dark spice” (as the kids say).  Check out this winner bread pudding recipe and pair it with a Riesling ice wine.  Here is the secret to pairing wines to dessert:  the wine must be at least as sweet as the dessert.  Make sense?  If the wine is drier that the dessert it is being paired with, it will turn the wine to a boring, sour mess.
For the Pinot Noir…oh, I’m sorry, the Spatburgunder (as the Germans call it)…I was thinking of the tasting notes we mentioned during the show (apple or peach cobblers and rhubarb pie).  This recipe would probably be damn near perfect.  And if it isn’t, I will shut our little WineGeekTV thing down!

I kid, of course.
Thanks for the time!

3 Responses to “Ice Wines”

  1. FJ Kycek Says:

    Nice Jacket, provides good contrast between you 2.

  2. Susan Cravatt Says:

    Awesome Jeff and Jeff! I think the next time I am up in the twin cities I will head on over to Zipps to try some of that German ice wine!
    I was introduced to ice wine on a trip to Ontario while visiting a friend. I fell in love with the stuff!
    I love your clip here, you guys are great!

  3. Erik Wait Says:

    Probably one of the more humorous episodes… but ice wine is better enjoyed next to a warm fireplace than freezing your wallet off in the snow!

    Erik Wait
    California Wine Tasting Adventures

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