Wines in White

February 22nd, 2010 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:

Recommended food pairings from The Som:

You go to a restaurant and ask the waiter for a glass of white wine…and he brings you something ice cold in a wine glass filled an eighth of an inch from the rim.  You sip it thoughtlessly as you enjoy a fish taco and a chat with an old, dear friend.  Sound familiar?  This episode is really more about trying to get you to think a bit more about what you are drinking.  All white wines are not alike and have vastly different flavor profiles.  Once you start thinking about and become familiar with them, it makes ordering and drinking them that much more enjoyable.

  • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Summary:  medium body, bright acidity, with flavors of tart lime or grapefruit flavors, and can have grassy or flinty notes
    • Great With: Mexican food, light summer fare, goat cheese (chevre), grilled fish
    • Recommended Recipe: Halibut with Bacon
  • Chardonnay
    • Summary: medium to full body, rich and mouth filling, featuring flavors of pineapple, coconut, banana, vanilla (pina colada anyone?),  or even buttered toast
    • Great With:  cream soups, roasted chicken, lobster, crab legs, popcorn, polenta
    • Recommended Recipe: Duck a L’orange
  • Riesling
    • Summary: medium body, clean, zesty acid, with flavors of peach, lime, honey, and apple
    • Great With:  spicy shrimp, scallops, smoked fish, egg rolls, Pad Thai
    • Recommended Recipe:  Pad Thai

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