Kosher Wine

March 22nd, 2010 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:


One of my motivations to do this particular episode is that I always hear how crummy Kosher wine is.  And to be honest, I have tasted a few that are far from awesome.  But over the last few months, I have had a chance to sample a few that are really quite enjoyable and deserve, at the very least, a sample.  These Yarden/Golan wines are in that category.  They are actually quite delightful and I think the only place they may get a little hamstrung is when we hit the price point.  As we discussed in the show, Kosher winemaking tends to be more labor intensive and cause costs to go up.  The value is missing.

Recommended food pairings from The Som:

What to eat with this Kosher red blend?  Whatever you might normally eat with a medium bodied, dry red wine.  The obvious one would be lamb, and depending how it’s prepared, it could be right on.   You could also do a burger or pasta with red sauce.   Or, if you really wan to have some fun, you could try this recipe.  Essentially marinated lamb kabobs.

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