Wine Aerators Part 1

April 27th, 2010 by Jeff

Wine Tool Series –  Wine Aerators

Jeff and I thought we’d conduct an experiment.   We’ve seen those wine aerators advertised all over, so we decided to take a couple of the leading sellers for a test run.  We brought in a bunch of taste testers, set up a blind sample scenario and conducted our own market research to see if people could really tell the difference.

Here are the three tools we tested:

The results were a bit inconclusive.  We thought we’d be sly and slip a swirled glass and a “no aeration” sample into the mix, but it just confused the results.  There could have been an impact to the samples based on the order our testers picked up the glasses.  We had them cleanse their palates between samples, but after multiple samples their taste buds could have adjusted.  The bottom line:  they couldn’t really taste a difference.  See the results below:

Scorecard Summary:

There were 3 taste testers.   The first set of numbered columns identifies how many of the 3 recorded a noticeable difference between the two samples.  The second set of numbers represents how many testers had a preference between the two.  In cases where one or more testers were indifferent, no preference was recorded, and hence the vote totals did not equal 3.

What Does This All Mean?

In means that Jeff & I will be conducting our OWN test.

So STAY TUNED for our next episode!

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