Shattered Bottles & a Book Review

September 11th, 2010 by Jeff

There are two parts of this show:  the disaster, and the cover up.   Not sure if we really expected the first part to turn out successfully.   In a nutshell, we show you how NOT to open a wine bottle.   There’s a way to do it with a shoe and a solid wall.   We chose a boot and a tree, and the combo didn’t work well.    Jake Westerfeld from Cameron Hughes Wine did the best demonstration I’ve seen of this bottle-opening approach.

The second half is The Som sharing his favorite wine book.  He swears by it.  He swears a lot in general, but he really endorses The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil.

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  1. Rod Says:

    It appears that Jake Westerfeld is useing a tennis shoe and not a hard soled shoe at all. And yet it works. Hm.

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