Spookily Good Wines

October 15th, 2010 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:

  • Bogle Phantom 2007  (~$20)
  • Chateau Skulls Grenache-Mourvedre 2007  (~$20)

Show synopsis and recommended food pairing from The Som:

Watching this episode back I feel bad that I stepped on Bovee’s “inter-web” line.  Sorry buddy but sometimes I just won’t shut-up.  Especially when we are tasting wines that are fun, well made, and frightfully good.

The Chateau Skulls is always a Halloween favorite, and if you find some, grab it now.  Word out of Australia is that the company that imports it (Grateful Palate) is going bankrupt.  Big bummer considering how many awesome things they import.

Bogle Phantom is another story…a story of America success and innovation!   If you read it I dare you not to get emotional.   Perhaps you stand, place your hand over you heart and recite the pledge.  Perhaps it’s just me.

All seriousness aside,  this wine does mean a lot to Jeff and me.  We featured it, along with two other Bogle wines, for our big 40th episode and many believe it to be a turning point in the world of on-line wine blogging.

What to eat with this greasy, full bore and slutty wine?  Slow cooked venison is really rich and awesome.  Pair it with the Phantom and you may be complaining of gout symptoms for a week, but it will be worth it.  See you at the clinic!

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