Tincho Grande

July 29th, 2012 by Jeff

 Wines used in today’s show:

  • New Age White
  • Three Olives Lemon Lime Vodka (obviously not a wine)

Show synopsis:

BOVEE:  I don’t think it needs to be repeated, but since it relates to the show content I’ll say it again:  as much as we love wine here at WineGeekTV, we also love our cocktails.   So when Master Kycek came up with this idea for the show that combines both of those lovely worlds, there was little resistance.  Put more accurately, it was frictionless.  A no-brainer.   Slam dunk.    So as much as it was easy for us to consider, I want to formulate the equation so it’s just as easy for you.

If you like vodka or gin and tonics, you will love a Tincho Grande.

Grab a bottle of New Age (or any decent frizzante), throw it over some ice, drop in a shot or two of any citrus flavored vodka you enjoy, add a lime wedge, and sip away your cares!  We’re recommending this sweet baby all day long and all day strong until the temp drops below 50.

KYCEK:  Though his description was a little off, Bovee asked a very relevant and insightful question in this episode.  Right now, wine is going through a bit of a market downturn while craft beer and craft liquors/cocktails have hit quite the all time high.  To me it seems like one of those cycles. The last 20 years had brought nothing but steady growth to the wine industry, but over the last 3 years the market has been somewhat stagnate.  Meanwhile clever mixologists and wine representatives have been adding wine to create many great cocktails.  A few days ago a customer needed a dry Rosé to replace rum for a low alcohol Mojito.  Just last weekend the wine department had a competition to see which additive mixed best over ice with Stones Ginger Wine…sparkling, gin, or dry cider?  Gin won, but I loved it with the sparkler.  I find it an interesting discussion and frankly am very happy that some wines are breaking that limited “what should I  drink with my fish tacos” conversation. If you are drinking wine in any form, I’m very happy!

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