White from Red

July 22nd, 2012 by Jeff

Wines featured in this show:

  • Fattoria Colmone della Marca Bianco Del Moro 100% Sangiovese (~$18)
  • Grand Traverse Pinot Noir Vin Gris 2010 (~$15)

Show synopsis and recommended food pairings:

For anyone that’s ever drank more than ten bottles of wine in their life, you know that a Pinot Noir is a red wine.   Or is it?

As we’ve said many times on the show, grape juice is clear.  It’s the exposure of the juice to the skins that gives any wine it’s color.  Traditionally, the two grapes featured in today’s wines are found in red wines.   But the vineyards that produced these two wines went after a white profile for a change.  They limited the skin exposure (if they touched them at all) during processing and created a very lovely and refreshing white Pinot Noir and Sangiovese.   Bring these to your next wine tasting and you can A) stump them by quizzing them on the grape varietal, B) impress your friends with your interesting wine knowledge, or C) both of the above.  If you’re not that outgoing, then just enjoy them out on the patio while you sweat away in this oppressive heatwave.

As mentioned in the show, the Bianco Del Moro will go perfect with anything you’d pair with a Sauv Blanc, like seafood, pork, or almost any light salad.   The Pinot Noir would be KILLER with some grilled fish.  Roasted chicken would work too.  They’re both very food friendly, so beyond any red meat dishes, I don’t think you can really mess up a pairing for either one.

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