A Few of Our Favorite Things 2012

December 17th, 2012 by Jeff

Happy Holidays!

We thought it would be fun to invite some of the wine rock stars from around the Twin Cities to share a few of their favorite wines with us to help you come up with some great gifts, or to create your own holiday wish list.  We recruited a  wine shop owners,  some sommeliers, two wine bloggers, and a partridge in a pear tree.

So thus begins what we hope will be a holiday tradition for years to come.  Watch in the coming days for A Few of Our Favorite Things, and have a very Happy Holiday Season!

Episode 1 – The Savvy Lush, Allison Wagner

We begin our holiday “Favorite Things” series with one of the coolest wine bloggers there is…the Savvy Lush herself, Allison Wagner. Allison has a way of taking the sometimes complicated and ostentatious topic of wine and dissects it in a way that makes it consumable by the average Joe or Jane…just like we like it at WineGeekTV.

We are so glad she accepted our invitation to come share some of her favorite wines! Check out her blog at TheSavvyLush.com. It’ll turn you on to some awesome wine.

Episode 2 – Jeff Kycek, Sommelier & WineGeekTV Host

We obviously couldn’t have a WineGeekTV special without including our own crazy wine connoisseur Jeff Kycek.   He began as a super hero to the uneducated wine buyer in the Minneapolis metro area (and some surrounding suburbs).  But his wine knowledge has been passed to many a common man and woman around the world via the magic of the interweb.    His amazingness can be best experienced just by watching him in action, so press play and enjoy!

Episode 3 – Leslee Miller, Sommelier

Sommelier Leslee Miller braved the insane weather we had 2 weeks ago to help us with our “Favorite Things” series. She was one of two women who were the only ones that made it to the first shoot. TOTAL TROOPERS…which is less than I can say for the men who “needed to reschedule”.  Leslee is an amazing source of wine knowledge and  is a hot commodity on the wine speaking circuit, especially in the Twin Cities.   If you get a chance to go to one of her engagements, you  will not be disappointed!

 Episode 4 – Jason Kallsen, The Wine Company

Jason Kallsen is one of those guys who lives and breathes wine and wine lore. The taste is always important, but to him the spiritual bounty of a wine can only be fully experienced if you know it’s story. Jason shares a few of his favorites from one particular pair of winemakers who have strong ties back to the Twin Cities. And while he works at The Wine Company, he also created TwinCitiesWine.com, a source of “intimidation-free wine knowledge”. I highly recommend you check it out.

Episode 5 – Amanda Paa, HealthyLifeHappyCook.com

Amanda Paa is one of those people who knows how to love wine: with food! Her website, HealthyLifeHappyCook.com, is loaded with amazing healthy recipes that look and sound so good you are virtually driven to try them. But why would a foodie be on a wine show? Because she’s also a wine nut and knows how to identify the perfect pairing with her recipes. So glad she accepted the invitation to share a few of her favorites!

Episode 6 – Chuck Kanski, Solo Vino

As we begin to wrap up “Few of Our Favorite Things” for 2012, there’s one wine guru we had to make sure to get. Chuck Kanski is the quintessential wine enthusiast. Very few can discuss wine in the Twin Cities without thinking of Chuck. He can generate more energy talking to one customer about Spanish wines than Mick Jagger can produce in a 2 hour show, and his spring Rosé tastings are like rock concerts. If there’s is no one person you want at a wine tasting, it’s Chuck…cuz he is one giant catalyst for fun!

Chuck shares a few of his favs, and all are great gift ideas for the holidays…especially the sparklers!  Check out his store and site at SoloVinoWines.com.

Episode 7 – Jeff Bovee, WineGeekTV

It’s pretty evident to me why I am, and should remain, more behind the scenes that on camera. My other wine friends from this series are clearly more fluid, natural, and entertaining that I. Despite my less than savvy presentation, I do not want that to diminish the wines I mentioned in any way, as both are truly worth your exploration if you’re not already familiar. We will be planning more recommendations from our local wine experts in the coming year and beyond, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed the series and that it gave you some helpful info to use in your own wine endeavors. And may you have a wonderful and safe rest of 2012 that include many good friends, good times, and good wine!

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