About the Show

WineGeekTV isn’t much more than a site about two guys who love wine. Well, it’s actually much more than that, but we didn’t want to set expectations too high.

Wine lovers sometimes tend to come off as snobs. Don’t be discouraged. Most wine enthusiasts are actually cool people. All you have to do is learn how to speak the speak. We hope this site helps increase your understanding and appreciation of wine.

WineGeekTV features fermented grape fiend, Jeff Kycek. He is a certified sommelier with a passion not only for wine, but cooking, reading, gardening, and rock with a heavy edge. Jeff is joined by his long time friend, Jeff Bovee. He is a tech geek who’s into wine, videography, and (last, but certainly not least) martinis. Both men met many moons ago when they both worked for a video store in St. Paul, MN. Their freakishly similar sense of humor and parallel life paths have made these two lanky lads lifetime friends.

Now both married with children, WineGeekTV was a way for them to get together more often, as well as enjoy some great bottles of wine.

Hope you enjoy!

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