Some Young Punks

April 7th, 2010 by Jeff

Wines feature in today’s show:

Synopsis & recommended food pairings from The Som:

There were two things about this episode I want to discuss in more detail but didn’t fit it in on time.  Sorry Bovee, but it bugged me when you said, “Not the greatest wines ever but good enough.”  I am not a huge Australian wine fan, and many of them bore me to tears.   But in my opinion, and for the price, you will not find much better that these two.  If they cost much more, they would sit on the shelf and rot…cool label or not.  In other words:  there is great value here, and that is how I choose to look at it.

Bovee said something else that reminded me of something Robert Marx (my MT Global distributor guy) said.  Robert said, “I have found that most people purchase them for their own personal use.  Maybe some save it for a party, but many have drank them and come back for more.”

That is my experience as well.

Let’s talk food now –

The Squids Fist has brighter fruit and more intense acidity, but still fairly full bodied.  Put that all together and let the dogs run wild.  Honestly, you need to make the food to fit the wine.  I did this roasted lamb recipe the other day and used a Crozes-Hermitage.  It worked well, but I could see the Squid’s Fist blowing it all away.  The Passion Has Red Lips is completely different, and there is little subtlety involved.  Big, fat, and greasy, you should enjoy it with steak, pot roast, or even stuffed pork chops.  Then you can eat hearty and discuss the killer labels.

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