We Just Drank a Gris

August 6th, 2012 by Jeff

Wines featured in today’s show:

  • 2009 Alois Lageder Dolemite Pinot Grigio  (~$19)
  • 2010 Bethel Heights Oregon Pinot Gris  (~$19)

Show synopsis and recommended food pairing from The Som:

Yes, there are a lot of grape varietals out there to learn.   No, you’ll probably never learn them all, but you can sure as hell enjoy the attempt.   So here’s two more:

  • Pinot Gris (Pee-noh Gree)
  • Pinot Grigio (Pee-noh Gree-jhoh)

Which do you choose?  Don’t worry about it too much because you really can’t go wrong when they’re actually the same grape.  Pinot Gris in several countries including the US (California & Oregon), but most Pinot Grigios are produced in Italy.   The Pinot Gris can take on many flavor profiles depending on where it’s grown.  Pinot Grigio tends to be light-bodied, crisp and has a nice little zing of acidity.

As far as food pairings, there’s one I mentioned in the show that’s my favorite.  The French term for it is Salmon en Croute (Salmon in crust), but “salmon in puff pastry” gives you a better idea of what you are in store for. I made this for the first time a few weeks ago and was blown away by just how perfect it is. Actually, making it gets a little too close to actual baking for my liking, but once it’s out of the oven and you have broken through that flaky crust en route to the tender, juicy salmon…it’s all worth it. It’s indulgent and fairly easy to make. Pair it with the Pinot Gris to make sure you match intensities. Intensity of weight, flavor and richness, but the above average acidity of the wine cuts through the pastry and the slight oiliness of the salmon.  Bon appétit!

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