Wine by Numbers

November 6th, 2009 by Jeff

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Wines featured in today’s show:

Recommended food pairings from The Som:

I’m going to concentrate on the Pinot Grigio only because I feel like it gets short shrift in the wine world nowadays.  Us wine snobs love to poo-poo Pinot Grigio because it’s the only thing our moms and rebellious sisters drink.  But honestly, its a very user friendly food pairing wine.

Let’s break down the typical P.G. for a moment:  medium bodied, evident but not overbearing fruit, and great acidity.  Dishes that work with that kind of structure are going to be of moderate weight, moderate flavors (don’t think spice or heat or intensity…think Minnesota), and perhaps a sauce, cream, or dip in play.  Right off the bat I think of fish tacos, scallops in an herbed cream sauce, shrimp scampi, rice and beans, or chicken salad with ranch dressing.  Perhaps you notice a pattern?   It’s almost an “I’m eating heathier” wine.  On that note check out this scallop recipe (I swear, this mumbling moron must be from Wisconsin, but it appears he knows how to make some nummy scallops).    Ask your wine guy for a quality Pinot Grigio.  There is a lot of crappy P.G. juice out there, but if you find a quality bottle, you will wonder why wine snobs ever get snobby about them.

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