Better Than Average Pairings: Albariño & Salmon

November 19th, 2012 by Jeff

Wines Featured in the Show:

  • Señorio De Rubiós Albariño   (~$11)

Better than Average Pairing:  Salmon

General pairing rule of thumb:  red meat, red wine…white meat or fish, white wine.   Is that 100% true?  No.  However, you’re safe about 86.9% of the time.

The rule applied for our pairing today.  All we did was sprinkle some sea salt, black pepper, and drizzled some EV olive oil on two salmon fillets, and 10 minutes on the grill later…we were enjoying lunch.   As the savvy sommelier stated, the bright acidity of the Albariño cuts through the slightly oily/fatty salmon and cleanses the palate.  It’s so good at refreshing your taste buds, you can put it up against things with a little more kick.  Here’s a 10 minute recipe for szechuan chicken that will do you no wrong.  And if you have a few extra minutes, you could even try this garlic shrimp number from Rachael Ray.



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