REVIEW: Meyer-Näkel Rosé 2012

July 23rd, 2013 by Jeff

Price:  ~$24

Producer:  Meyer-Näkel

Country:  Germany

Region:  Ahr Valley

Review by:  Jeff Bovee,  Wine Neophyte

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Haben Sie überhaupt ein Spätburgunder versucht?

No…this isn’t a wine review in German, but it is a German wine review.  I hope everyone out there has at some point tried, or at least heard of, Spätbrugunder by now.  If you haven’t, it’s simply German Pinot Noir.    Go to you local wine girl or guy and buy a couple if you’ve never had one…they can be pretty good.

Something I’m understanding more and more is….Germans like their Rosés.  So why not a Spätbrugunder Rosé?   Ask and ye shall receive, because the Meyer-Näkel Rosé kicks a bit of ass is this area.  It’s grown in the most northern part of Germany’s wine region, and it’s definitely sweeter than the average Rosé…which can be a turn-on for some and not for others.  But I assure you my friends, on a lovely summer day, this one will spin your pinwheel no matter your orientation.  It’s got red cherry all over it, topped with a pop of strawberry and a long, bright, cleansing finish.  I absolutely love this little tart, and it already set as my summer 2013 go-to food friendly standard.

As far as a food combo, I’d be hard pressed to think of something you couldn’t serve it with.  I paired it with grilled chicken and salad tonight, but think it would be smashing with Thai food or barbecue pork with a bit of heat in the sauce.

Now get your sweet little patootie in the car and go get some of this.

The Som Rating: 9/10 Scarlett Johansson Heads

WineGeekTV Rating: 9/10 Scarlett Johansson Heads



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